I broke something special…

and it was not the first time it's happened because I break stuff, lose important things, ruin a new shirt, and look like a goofy goober. I try to be quiet when people are resting, but inevitably something loud will happen. I intend to be careful with favorite clothing, but I ruin it with a... Continue Reading →

Week #2: HERO word 2

The word for this week is... El hayyay! If this is your first time to read my blog, welcome. I'm glad your here. Join with me this year as I try to reach a lofty goal: write 52 posts this year. (That's my 2020 Vision, wink, wink.) I have chosen to write 52 short posts... Continue Reading →

“I recognized You!”

Imagine this scene with me... Jesus knocks on the heart of an unbeliever. The unbeliever looks at Him and excitedly invites Jesus in. The new believer tells Jesus, "When You knocked, I looked at You and I recognized You. At first I wasn't sure from where but it dawned on me. I recognized You from... Continue Reading →

When God is Faithful?

I may facilitate a women's group and study God's faithfulness. This characteristic of His is one I'm familiar with and comfortable talking about and digging into. As I wait for the study book, here are my heart thoughts today. What are yours? How has God been faithful to you? Lord, Thank You for filling my... Continue Reading →

I’m too old for that!

Just yesterday I found myself standing in the shower trying to bargain with God. I'm a shower-prayer. I do a lot of praying in there. Y'all too? Anyone? So I was praying and I was shocked at myself for falling into something I think I did as a child. I caught myself "bargaining" with God.... Continue Reading →

March….errr May Madness!

I started this post DURING the NCAA tourney... Tomorrow night Auburn will be playing in the Final Four. I’m so excited!! For many years I’ve filled out a bracket and participated with family and friends in the beloved March Madness bracket challenge. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It connects us. But this year I struggled over... Continue Reading →

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