Rip. Stir. Clink clink. Drink.

I describe myself as someone who loves change, loves new seasons, likes the unpredictable, is okay with unexpected things, and even enjoys a bit of chaos. Or at least that’s what I say…

However, there’s one thing that rarely changes with me. It’s part of my morning routine. It happens on normal days, rushed mornings, vacations, and weekends.

I’m not talking about my quiet time (my time reading the Word and praying.) Nope this is nothing as valuable or deep as that!!

It’s my breakfast routine. Specifically it’s my Carnation Instant Breakfast routine!! Rip open the packet, stir the powder in a cup of cold milk, clink clink goes the spoon. And then I sip or gulp it down. I’ve been doing that same thing since high school! (40ish years!?!!) and I still look forward to it.

Isn’t that silly?? How can I, a human that likes change look forward to something as simple and mundane as a glass of chocolate milk?

Are there days I don’t drink it? Why, yes, of course. But those days are few and far between. I’ve lived through a few updates in the box designs and a few tweaks in the ingredients. It’s still good and I still partake on a morningly basis.

It’s very trivial what I have for breakfast. It’s insignificant in light of the world we live in. However give me a point or two for loyalty!

Maybe the good folks at carnation should send me a loyal customer certificate for promoting and enjoying their product for over 40 years.

That’s all folks. That’s as deep as my brain will go today.

Here’s the non-profound lesson: People who are comfortable with the unpredictable, crave change, and love newness can also be very loyal, consistent, and dependable in a few areas of their chaotic life. ♥️


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