I’m too old for that!

Just yesterday I found myself standing in the shower trying to bargain with God. I’m a shower-prayer. I do a lot of praying in there. Y’all too? Anyone?

So I was praying and I was shocked at myself for falling into something I think I did as a child. I caught myself “bargaining” with God.

“Oh Lord if You’ll do this thing, please, please, please…I’ll do this for You”

Zzzzzzzpt! No!! I had to stop praying. I’m too old and too far along in my relationship with Jesus to beg and bargain with Him. He doesn’t need my measly bargaining chip in order to work in my life! He is God!!

I can serve Him, love Him, and walk with Him but not as a tool to get something from God. I do those things because He loved me first. It’s a privilege to love Him, serve Him and walk and talk with Him.

I get so aggravated with myself when I fall into the “genie in a bottle” image of my Heavenly Father. I’m too old for that!

I find more peace and more joy when I pray “Lord if You want to work here or in this way, thank You, but if my plan isn’t Your plan, help me to trust You no matter how it looks...”

Ahhhh! The shower water feels a lot better and my soul feels cleaner too!

II Corinthians 5:17 Anyone who is in Christ is a new creation, the old has passed away, [but sometimes it rears it’s ugly head but thankfully] the new has come [again]!!

[Brackets] are my personal commentary.

I want to be a new creation every day!! And I want to pray prayers that matter. No more prayer games with God. I’m too old for that.








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