I quit!

Yesterday I was done. I’d had enough – School (my job), parenting, marriage, finances – all of it – pulling at me, stressing me out, stretching me thin. Decisions to make. Actions to take. Small and big things dragging me down. Feeling overwhelmed & under-appreciated I wanted to quit! (Pity parties ain’t pretty, y’all.)

Life stunketh!! I didn’t want to wrestle well or be patient or give grace. I wanted to surrender – to wave the white flag, to throw in the proverbial towel, to run away!

But I stayed. I prepared for the next day. I took a deep breath. I saw a beautiful sunset.

I talked to my Father. A lot. I talked to Him about the people, the problems, my attitude of stinkiness, my heavy heart, my feelings of failure, my worries of the day.

He listened. He soothed. He strengthened. He allowed a little wallowing. He reminded me of the weekend that had JUST passed. His suffering, His brokenness, His overwhelmingly burdensome last moments before His death. For goodness sake–yes!and … HIS VICTORIOUS RESURRECTION!! Hallelujah!! Woohoo!! He didn’t quit!

Oh yeah that. We just walked through all that. We were just reminded that You are the mighty God, the Victor, the Life-giver. How did I get so far from the thrill of Easter so quickly? Please, Lord forgive me.

#TuesdayYouAintCute was trending yesterday and Tuesday wasn’t cute. It was hard with sharp edges and heavy loads. But it’s over and God was there in my Tuesday. And He’ll be here today and tomorrow and forever.

And that’s why I can press on and face a new day. His word and His love are in my heart!! Maybe today I will wrestle well, be patient and give grace.

Today I’ll be preaching to myself from Ephesians. Especially 4:22-24, 29, 32, & 5:1-2. With Jesus as my foundation, I’m throwing of the old self & putting on the new self — in His likeness, filled with His love. 💙

#donotquit #5of52

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