Contentment: A lesson learned while dogsitting

I love dogs! My son has a two year old chocolate lab/GSP mix. He has a wonky head and mischievous grin. He’s barely over two years old and he’s 100 awesome!! He teaches me about life — especially the Christian life and how I treat God sometimes.

“Prone to wander Lord I feel it!” Is the constant song in my heart when I babysit this precious pup. His name is Colt.

I took Colt on his leash for a little walk in the yard. (We both love being outside, especially on warm, sunny days).

We have a decent sized back yard and a big front yard. He could run his legs off sniffing, “marking,” and searching for all kinds of doggie treasures in our own yard. I give him food, water, a lots of attention. I talk his cute, furry ears off and he listens. (Right?) I love being with him. He makes me happy. And all is well.

We COULD have hours of fun in the sun. (I bet you know where this is going).

BUT as soon as I loosen my grip on the leash — wooosh he is gone. Running through the neighborhood like a boss. There he goes — through many dangers, toils and snares so to speak. (Actually it’s thorns, thistles, neighbors’ yards, fast cars, etc).

He chooses to run. He has everything he needs here in our yard but yet, first chance he gets, he runs. After all, he is dog. He is not being mean or intentionally bad, he’s just gets enticed by sounds, sights, and smells outside of our happy, safe yard. It’s hard to get him back. And I get frustrated but then it hits me.

I am just like that!! I do the same thing with God. God gives me all I need – green grass and wide open spaces. He sets parameters for my safety. He provides fun, undeserved treasures for me to find and enjoy. He offers me His love and attention. All I have to do is stay by His side.

Yet sometimes I run. I get enticed by shiny things that aren’t as they seem. I’m discontent with having all I need. I run. I hide. I misbehave. I get into a mess. I bolt away from the God who loves me and knows what is best.

But thankfully the Lord loves me and He brings me back. He forgives. He teaches. He loves.

Dear Colt, Thanks for running away and inadvertently showing me a not-so-great side of myself. But please stay close to home when I’m dogsitting you. I love you, bud.


your favorite person’s mama.

Psalm 16:11 You make known to me the paths of life; in Your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.

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